A One Day Training Course for Consulting Arboriculturists
Available to both Private Sector Arboriculturists & LA Tree Officers


To provide training on the ‘core principles’ of writing reports. The assist learners to develop the skills involved in report writing.

Learning Outcomes: The learners will:

  1. Understand the basic principles of report writing
  2. Understand the correct use of the English language
  3. Understand how to tailor reports to the recipient audience
  4. Be aware of the problems of too much embellishment
  5. Understand the need to explain complex technical terms in simple words
  6. Understand the need to accurate in spelling, grammar and the need to proof read

Course Outline:

  • The types of report and Arboriculturist may be required to write
  • What an Arboriculturist needs to know
  • Identifying the target audience and learning to pitch the report to that audience
  • Reading age and technical terms
  • The psychology of Arboriculture
  • The use of grammar and the importance of being concise
  • Interpretation of facts, results, situations and published material
  • Constructing a report (exercise)
  • Analysing a report (exercise)


The course will be delivered as a series of Socratic style sessions that allow for continual interaction between trainer and learners. Interaction is positively encouraged and is part of the assessment.

Frequent comfort breaks are scheduled because the sessions deliver a lot of detailed information and breaks facilitate assimilation of the information, and prepare the learners to engage in the following session relatively fresh.

The practical exercises will be done in groups and each group will have an appointed facilitator.

A certificate of successful completion will be issued to each learner upon completion of the course.


The course can be delivered at the place of work or at a venue local to the place of work.


The trainer is Dr Dealga O’Callaghan, FICFor., F.Arbor.A., Dr O’Callaghan is a Chartered Arboriculturist and has over 20 years experience of giving evidence in the English, Irish, Manx Courts, and over 25 years experience on Planning Inquiries.

Continuous Professional Development

The course has a value of 6 hours of CPD and 5 CEUs for the ISA Certified Arborist Programme.